Not just Another Monday


I’ve just finished school for the day – said goodbye to my students, waited for a rather reluctant student to finish his cleaning duties, locked my classroom, walked the short distance back to the dorm, unpacked my backpack. I have a little marking to do, but decided I would put it away until later. In most respects it seems like any other Monday; the start of another week of school. Some students have Mondayitis, others are raring to study after two days break (they’re rare but they exist). I taught my Bible class this morning, two periods of English, a piano class and another English this afternoon. But it’s not just another Monday. Many little things happened that made it different from other Mondays I’ve had. Like the beautiful smile a formerly difficult student flashed me at flag raising this morning. Like the students jogging around the pond to get warm before beginning Bible class. Like 2 minute noodle seasoning spilled around the classroom and on one girl’s skirt in English class. Like the delighted look on a boy’s face when he played his scales flawlessly. Like a tiny girl straining her English skills to say “Cher beautiful”. Like eating mango and exercising in the dark; like peering into a friend’s backpack and seeing it full of ants; like buying baking soda and stalking a truck loaded with chicken wire. No day is the same and reflecting on all of these small occurrences makes me thankful. I’m thankful for eyes to see smiles, ears to hear words and music, a mouth to eat and speak, a body that moves, friends that are family and students who are like your own kids.

Since Christmas I have started reading a compilation called “Heaven” by Ellen White. I can’t help but imagine what each day will hold for us once we reach the kingdom. If so called “ordinary” days here on earth are filled by God with so many lessons, joys and surprises, imagine what they will be like as we explore our heavenly home, the planets and universe, and the new earth! “The kingdom of God’s grace is now being established as day by day hearts that have been full of sin and rebellion yield to the sovreignty of His love.” Although “…the full establishment of the kingdom of His glory will not take place until the second coming of Christ to this world…” we may still live each day with heaven in our hearts. (Heaven page 22)

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